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Our Vision

There are times that we know where we want to go but just need help getting there. As a full-service, international consulting firm, Codigo, specializes in crafting and executing coherent, technology, business development and training solutions that fit your organizational culture, meeting your specific business needs and scaling your business to its highest potential.
We Are Diverse


Diversity and inclusion is a no-brainer for Codigo LLC. We believe that all people have the innate ability to positively contribute to our mission, values, and goals. Our workforce aims to reflect the picture of the world we live in and what a cool picture that is.



Our Industry Experience 


  • Healthcare Information Systems

  • Insurance Information Systems

  • Telecommunications Information Systems

  • Higher Education Information Systems

  • Governmental Agencies Information Systems

  • Military Information Systems

Our Team
The Codigo team is made up of forward-thinking industry experts and influencers with fresh ideas and unparalleled energy. We believe that there is a roadmap, a solution, a  "code" for everything we do.  Our mission is fully centered on disrupting those things that impede progress and adapting “the code” to your success.
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