Median Wealth of African Americans Projected To Be At Zero by 2053

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

I don’t know where to start on this clip because there are so many underlying issues to this proclamation. Political, systematic racism through economics, but I won’t go there. I contracted for a tech company that was established and headquartered in India 2 years ago.

I led and completed a software implementation for them for a multi-billion dollar corporation in Portland, Oregon. You must first know that by and large, it is a rarity to see an African American woman leading an implementation, and almost non existent to see one leading an implementation for a company where the HQ is in India. It was one of the most eye opening projects I had experienced in my consulting history. This company was on the absolute cutting edge of everything technology and has been “piloting” these programs for corporations and political entities for many years that Andrew Yang speaks about in this video.

I had an impromptu 3 hour long, conversation with the Engagement Manager on my project and he shared with me all of the companies that they have been programming bots (yes artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics) to replace human labor. Banks, grocery stores, manufacturing plants, media, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, healthcare arena you name it. My mouth stayed gaped open, eyes like a deer in headlights and heart was palpitating.

I asked him where will people work, he through his hands up in the air and his nonchalant response was simply this, “You better learn how to program a bot (robot)!”

This was a loaded statement for me because 1), statistically we don’t have enough tech talent to fill the tech jobs in the US and 2) African Americans are critically under represented in the tech space and are even more out of pace with technological advancements and innovation.

I am able to personally attest to both simply from being on the ground working in this space for several years. When I arrived on this particular project it was not in my comfort zone, I was being stretched, I knew there was a divine purpose for me being there. There was something for me to see, to hear, to learn.

Well now it’s been revealed and simply confirms my next journey, my next important assignment.

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