What’s Your "Fight Back" Strategy?

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

Sometimes you have to fight back, right? Simply because challenges come in many different forms and many different directions. These challenges are often seen and unseen and they also come from those that are close to you and those that are not close at all.

out the best way to retaliate, right? way that benefits us instead of wasting our energy on negativity. We often focus on what others are doing or trying to figure out the best way to retaliate, right?

Here is my suggestion for an effective "Fight Back" strategy.

  1. When people show you who they are believe them, if they really value you, you will know it, feel it and see it

  2. Edify yourself and/or your business by exploring ways to increase your value

  3. Strengthen and invest in your team

  4. Seek and build new relationships

  5. Have someone that you are able to hear the truth from whether you like it or not

  6. And finally, move stealthily with your “trusted” tribe, everyone does NOT need to know your plan.

This “Fight Back Strategy” allows “you” to be the benefactor without wasting your brain on outcomes that hold no real value for you personally or professionally. So, what’s your fight back strategy?

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