Le Meego X Model

Le Meego X Model

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The perfect bike for the weekend warrior who likes to be out and about all the time whether it be camping, riding in the mountains, or beach side in the sun the Lemeego X Fat Tire can handle any terrain.


Perfect bike for weekend warrior

LemeeGo X model was built to be rough and rugged and to battle through with its fat 20” Innova tires, it’s not just for the road but to lead you to more adventurous places your normal bike wouldn’t take you. Yet, we didn’t want to lose all the necessary functionality one may find with the Lemeego S, so it still has the Lemeego’s quick foldable frame combined with its similar quality components including 500W brushless DC motor with top speed of 20MPH to its 20 in. alloy rims with either Hydraulic Spring or Air shocks allow for a comfortable and easy ride on pavement, down stairs, up hill sides, there is no challenge the X can’t meet while providing you with the safety and stability you deserve to make you want to go the extra mile.